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A New Era Begins - updated 23/11/2012 at 11:37AM EST
World Archery Australia ushers in a new era in the management of Australian Target Archery.

Just a little of whatís coming
1. Free Membership which includes insurance coverage*. 90% of target archers in Australia are currently paying for services they do not receive. Joining WAA will save many target archers approx. $110/year**.
2. Use of a fully integrated Archery Information Management System including a world leading electronic scoring and recording system.
3. International Tournaments.
4. Open National Tournaments based on overseas competitions.
5. Trophies to be desired and prize money at some competitions.
6. Handicap Tournaments.
7. A Coaching structure with a clear progression from beginner to elite archer.
8. Coaching Seminars.
9. Interactive Website.
*Worldwide insurance coverage excluding United States of America or Canada, their territories or protectorates
** approx. savings for current NSW target archers

Expected FAQs
Q. Why World Archery Australia (WAA)?
A. WAA has been established to provide better management, greater transparency, fairer appropriation of moneys and better use of resources in the sport of target archery. At present 90% of target archers are receiving little benefit from what they pay each year to State and National bodies.

Q. How much does it cost to join WAA?
A. Membership is free and includes insurance coverage. The relatively small cost of Insurance is currently being covered by our first sponsorship arrangement.

Q. If I become a member of WAA am I still able to shoot at my club?
A. This is between you and your club. You will be insured provided you are shooting on an approved ground for target archery and obey the safety rules. The club will probably charge you an annual fee to shoot on its grounds.

Q. Can I shoot in other associations tournaments.
A. No, unless you are also a member of that association. You can always become a member of other associations by paying the appropriate fees to that association.

Q. Can I be a member of WAA and other associations
A. Yes, WAA does not prevent you from joining other associations.

Q. When will WAA start approving applications
A. 01/07/2012.

Q. Can I register my interest now?
A. Yes, just go to Register Now on the Home Menu.