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Roll out of AIMS Software - updated 11/02/2013 at 12:08PM EST
WAA has started its roll out of AIMS (Archery Information Management System) software to registered WAA clubs and individual archers.

This software is the result of 5 years of constant development. Features are too large to list here, a few of them are ...

• Clubs can easily manage members details and communicate with members.

• Electronically manage tournaments from advertising and entry forms to automatically sending archers a copy of their score sheet when the tournament is complete.

• Automated handicap system which can be turned on or off for any tournament.

• Scores are integrated with a national scoring database so all scores and history will be available for every archer.

• An option to run live scoring events via mobile devices.

• It will give individual archers access to a number of free services from their mobile phone including a live practice recording system and classifieds where archers can buy and sell equipment with ease.

This is only the beginning of what is coming to make it easier for the volunteers who run this sport to have more time to themselves, make processes more efficient and provide better tools to archers in an effort to improve performances.

A demonstration will be given to those interested at the upcoming Kisik Lee Seminar.