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Ricci Cheah Awarded KSL International Level 3 Coaching Certification - updated 24/12/2014 at 12:25PM EST
SOPA's Head Coach Ricci Cheah is the first in the world to gain a Level 3 KiSik Lee International Coaching Certification (KLICC). Level 3 KLICC is equivalent to the USA Level 5. Mr Lee who is the World's most successful archery coach gave his 3rd Sydney Seminar in as many years. This series of seminars throughout the world and the international certification is proudly organised and sponsored by World Archery Australia. Attendees were asked to rate the seminar. 80% gave it an Excellent rating whilst 20% gave it the second best rating of Very Good. A typical comment was Ive learnt more about coaching and being an archer than I have over the past three years learning this sport.

Ricci (middle) receiving his Level 3 Certification from KiSik Lee (left) and WAA President Jon Barnard (right)