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KiSik Lee Sydney Seminar 2017 - updated 10/10/2017 at 06:20PM EST
Even if you have been in archery only a short time you will most probably have heard the name KiSik Lee. He is the coach who led Australia out of the archery wilderness to achieve Australiaís only individual Olympic archery medals . He has also coached Brady Ellison from being a compounder to become arguably the best recurve archer of all time. No other coach in the world comes close to KiSikís record, 17 Olympic medals (7 Gold) and 24 World Championship medals (11 Gold). Through his International Seminars and KLICC accreditation Mr Lee has already certified 1 Level 3 Coach (Ricci Cheah), 22 Level 2 Coaches and over 90 attendees have passed Level 1 accreditation throughout the world. If you are an archer, learn how to shoot smarter and stronger and learn how to avoid injury. If you have target panic, this can be easily cured. Learn how to deal with matchplay at major events. If you are looking to become a coach, get a proper accreditation that can be recognised throughout the world and start your students on a path to success while reducing risks of injury by using correct biomechanics.
KiSik Lee is Chair of World Archery Coaching Committee
Donít miss this opportunity as attendance numbers are limited to ensure a quality experience. Over 90% of attendees give these seminars the highest satisfaction rating.
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This event is sponsored by organisations committed to advancing archery in Australia. World Archery Australia, AIMS (Archery Information Management System) and hosted by Sydney Olympic Park Archers