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Magistrate shakes her head at Archery Australia - updated 05/09/2012 at 09:18AM EST
In a recent court case a magistrate said the following regarding the management of Qualifying Events overseen by Archery Australia.

This Archery Australia seems to need some vamping up. These Olympic qualifications as in any sport would seem to me to be important for obvious reasons there is a lot at stake for a lot of people. Is there not some independent body? I shake my head I really do

The comments come from a QRE and Olympic Qualifying event held at Sydney Bowmen (Latham Park) on 19/02/2012. The following was revealed in the court transcripts.

1.•In sworn evidence the court was told the event started at 6:15am. The defence revealed sunrise did not occur until 6:33am
2.•Randwick Council do not permit archery on Latham Park prior to 9:00am
3.•Eight positions were available and only 6 registered (including the CEO of Archery Australia Inc.)
4.•A competitive archer was told in a recorded SMS by the organisers that there was no room available for the QREs that day
5.•Only four shot the 6:15am QRE. Two shot at 50m and two shot at 70m
6.•The two who shot at 70m were a father and daughter whose family organised the event
7.•An Olympic A Qualifying score and Australian Record was recorded at this event by the daughter who shot only with her father at 70m
8.•The father of the archer who was told there was insufficient room available at the QREs turned up to see if guidelines were being adhered to and as a result was issued with an APVO from the daughter who recorded the A qualifier and Australian record
9.•The application for the APVO was dismissed.

Archery Australia has not removed this Australian record or applied disciplinary action to date even though this event appears to be in breach of their own Guidelines, against Local Government Regulations and conducted in conditions dangerous to the public.